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Program Overview

A Bachelors in Social Science programme is an interdisciplinary programmes which aims to provide holistic understanding to a student interested in pursuing studies in the discipline. It builds a foundation in core social science subjects – Sociology, History, Economics, Psychology and Political sciences, and introduces basic sciences such as Life Science, Mathematical, Chemical and Physical sciences which play a major role in societal development. Interdisciplinary subjects like environment, development and gender are taught to form a bridge between undergraduate and post-graduate courses. Students of BASS can pursue higher studies in any of these subjects.

The aim of undergraduate program in Social Science is to provide strong knowledge base on social, economic, political and environmental systems within the context of different global ideologies, environmental and social movements and needs of development.

Program Objectives

  • To provide a thorough understanding of diverse social systems in global and Indian context

  • To provide theoretical knowledge and practical experience necessary for the study of social sciences

  • To introduce mathematical and natural sciences and technology that can help societal development

  • Help students to gain in-depth experience of Indian social systems through fieldwork and practicals

  • Develop critical thinking and analytical abilities to understand changes in society

  • Provide knowledge of policies, laws and programmes that influence the society

  • Inculcate social values to work towards a peaceful and just society

  • Build capacity to communicate effectively and lead in various disciplines

Program Highlights

  • Experienced faculty members and guest lecturers

  • Talks by practitioners in the field of social sciences

  • Holistic perspective of society

  • Well-equipped Library with e-learning facilities

  • An ideal blend of academics with sports, culture, yoga and holistic lifestyle

  • The inclusion of World Peace teachings in curriculum

Programme Structure

  • Trimester Pattern with core and elective courses

  • Dissertation as an elective in the Third Year


  • Continuous Assessment 50%

  • Term-end Examination 50%


  • Classroom teaching

  • Group discussion

  • Self-Study

  • Presentations

  • Project Reports

  • Field visits

  • Analysis of Research Papers