Food as a fundamental right

Food, something that is taken for granted by the vast majority of the human population, is
recognized as a fundamental right by the UN. It may seem to alarm but more than 821 million
individuals did not receive their basic daily calorific intake for the year 2017. That would be about
one in nine individuals across the globe. More than 150 million children have their growth stunted
due to this, a process which is almost always irreversible with repercussions than span generations
and GDP’s. These statistics only account for those who are malnourished and not those who are
undernourished. If we consider the latter category then a whopping 12.9 % of the population are not
getting the basic amount of nutrition they require. But this is not the worst statistic in this article,
the worst is that over 1/3 rd of all food processed and prepared is wasted, more than enough to feed
everyone well above the minimum required.

To address this disparity is why the UN deemed it necessary to label food as a fundamental right. Moreover, agricultural practices with an emphasis on sustainability along with sustainable rural
development and societal sustainable development are study topics that aim to end this disparity
and ensure that all humans can avail the most basic of their fundamental rights, the right to

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